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Marketing Ideas for Pokemon Duel

The word in Pokemon goods right at the present is Pokemon Black and White. Kids and are buying Pokemon Plush Dolls and Pokemon Duel hack like crazy. Particularly popular in the card arena is shiny suicide, shiny entering and Traditional Pokemon cards are making a comeback as well. Pokemon spinoffs have been a enormous success, and while the card game is second in fame in the world, Pokemon is absolutely the game with worlds most successful spinoffs.

Pokemon spinoffs comprise trading cards, Pokemon stuffed toys, animation, and movies. Merchandising Pokemon has a lot of room to go. While there is no doubt that inactive, towels, t-shirts, posters, and stickers are previously out there representing just a small piece of the goods market, what other possibilities are there that could be added to outlets and the Internet market? My estimate is that if bigger kids like Pokemon, small kids will too. Even the college crowd likes Pokemon, making it pretty much a household word.


So I am just going to go ahead and throw my thoughts ‘out there.’ You developers might want to perk your ears up as I am offering these suggestions trademark free. First and foremost somebody wants to develop a cool Pokeball. It has to have different settings such as ‘spin throw’ and ‘release Pokemon throw’ and it should be tough and a small on the expensive side. It also wants sound effects, and should come in different outline and colors. The only problem with the Pokeball is that clearly giant sized Pokemon would not be springing out of it like in the animation, but you could get a reasonably sized stuffed pokemon to spring out; say, four times the size of the ball. The other big disadvantage is the hassle of crunching the Pokemon stuffed toy back into the ball, but I bet Pokemon fans could have a lot of fun just throwing the ball around. If you are recognizable with Bey Blade, you be familiar with that is an reasonably priced yet immensely popular toy. But one Pokeball that had a in fact nice spin to it could be worth ten Bey Blades. Kids could also compete for spin.

Other thoughts I had are not as dramatic as the Pokeball. They comprise the customary shtick like Pokemon shampoo, Pokemon gummies, Pokemon caps, towels, lunchboxes, Pokemon shaped toy chests, Pokemon cereal, and Pokemon vitamins. Well, the list goes on and on and I am sure some of these products have already hit the market, but you get the thought. Pokemon characters are nearly as hot as Disney right now and if I were a Merchandiser I’d be on it! You can find the full list at Game-Cheats-org.

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